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SPN Funny Page: “The Gender Tax” by Growthology Lab

20 April, 2019

“I know these are your ideas, but I like them and I’m not going to give them up as my own.” Gross, right? Unfortunately, I’ve been told this directly when I confronted someone taking credit for the work I was doing. Frustrating experience, yes. No it doesn’t stop me from pursuing my life and no,...

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Ryan Wegenast wants to help you solve your problems

19 April, 2019

Ryan Wegenast has built a business around helping innovators find the secret sauce to scaling, growing, building, moving, developing and winning at their ventures. The magic ingredient is the same every time, is infinitely regenerating, and is already in his client’s possession. They just don’t realize it yet. The ingredient: potential. But not just potential...

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Applications are now open for St. Louis-based Ameren Accelerator

17 April, 2019

Ameren Corporation is accepting applications for the Ameren Accelerator, an innovative public-private partnership with the University of Missouri System, UMSL Accelerate and Capital Innovators. The goal is the Ameren Accelerator is to make the energy grid smarter, more reliable, resilient and secure. This unique partnership, which is entering its third year, evaluates, mentors and invests...

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SPN Funny Page: “The Great Facade” by Growthology Lab

13 April, 2019

“How is everything going?” This is a common question we ask each other every day. In the world of entrepreneurship, this usually means: “How is your business going?” We like to answer these questions with something positive held close to the surface. Rarely does an entrepreneur disclose their challenges, because “everything is great!” This is...

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SPN Funny Page: “The Unsung Ghostwriter” by Growthology Lab

6 April, 2019

Let’s talk authority. Building brand authority in the age of the internet can be overwhelming. Chances are, as your business becomes more demanding you will begin to have less and less time to create content. A common practice, and natural step, is to hire someone to help you create that content. Ghostwriters are exactly what...

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